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Learning about Anglo-Saxon culture in English

Learn to Talk English invites you to discover the English culture with a professor of British origin. From home or online (Skype), learn about the Anglo-Saxon culture simply by exchanging and discussing in English with the teacher. A fun and rewarding way to improve your English while getting to know and learn to appreciate the manners and customs of England and the United Kingdom.
In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, alone, with friends or colleagues, explore the British culture and way of life. The conversation takes place between the English teacher and you, and you can be totally immersed for an optimal learning.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the history of England

You are passionate about England? And Want to learn more about the monarchy, its history and historical figures? Combine culture and knowledge of English in fun playful and captivating lessons with a teacher of British origin enamored of history!
You trace during several courses the chronology of English events that have shaped the island of Great Britain in total immersion since all the discussion takes place in the language of Shakespeare!

English Literature

Catherine, passionate and a great reader of literature, will discuss the wealth of English contemporary authors.

An excellent way to improve your English whilst learning a little more of the stories of English writers.
And why not choose a book together in English, and step by step progress through the story by learning new English words, of the author's own sentences, and then discuss the atmosphere of the book, the characters or morals of the story.

Preparing a trip to England

You have a project from an English-speaking country, or on holiday, or even a language course for you have to install?

Before leaving, take a few courses to be able, once there, to ask for directions, ask a question, seek the help of a passer-by and especially understand the explanations they give you.
Learn to Talk English will give some special English lessons to integrate the basic vocabulary to follow a conversation, understand and make yourself understood. Go to England, Australia, Ireland, or even the United States with a serene peace of mind, ready to enjoy your trip and look forward to fabulous experiences and encounters that you will be well versed in English to welcome.

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