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Professional and business English

Learn to Talk English help you to improve your English to communicate as a professional in the workplace. Whatever the level of English, Catherine, a British-born coach focuses on oral and written communication. The entire course is in English: questions, instructions, speaking, homework, everything is in English which helps consolidate the adult student to improve their understanding of the language.

You want to master specific vocabulary, essential for your business? Learn to Talk English creates, with you, a tailor-made program for your professional context. Within a few private lessons, you can perfect, from your workplace, your English business. The teacher can come to your office or give you an appointment for a Skype English course online.

* Acquisition of specific vocabulary essential to your work
* Simulation of professional situations: interviews, meetings, negotiations, telephone, exchange of professional emails
* Customising courses and exercises from your own professional documents
With Learn to Talk English, progress is there! Never again miss a business opportunity, a promotion, a new international market due to insufficient knowledge of the English language!

An interview in English by phone

It is more difficult by phone to express oneself in English than it is to speak to someone face to face. Facial expressions or body language of the speaker are not visible and therefore do not provide an index. In this case, how do you speak on the phone and be understood when the communication is in English? Learn to Talk English helps you and prepares you for this kind of situation that you might encounter in your professional context.

With a British teacher, you learn and improve your listening and your diction in English. You practice a variety of situations and simulations of a telephone call to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. Some courses are enough to master the English phrases and common expressions: Learn to Talk offers solutions to overcome the stress and difficulties that a telephone conversation in English can represent. Do not be afraid to win!

English business : how to builed your career and communicate internationally

Learn to Talk English prepares you effectively to any situation you may encounter in the workplace, both orally and in writing. You want to change in your work and advance your career, but your English is not good enough? Do not let your lack of English stand in your way to perfecting your business English. Individuals with Learn to Talk English progress and gain confidence quickly: you improve your written and oral fluency and are able to handle all situations: business meeting in English, telephone conversation with someone English, conduct negotiations with a foreign client, public speaking in perfect English ...

Successful mails, letters and documents written in English

Learn to Talk English offers techniques and tools needed to communicate effectively in written English in the context of your business. Master all the fundamentals of English writing: key phrases, phrases and complex structures, forms of address, style and syntax ...

Use the tone and register appropriate language according to the document write internal memos, meeting reports, presentations, summaries of meetings, records of meetings, letters to a customer or supplier, ... Write an English professional structured document or report in clearly and flawlessly thanks to Learn to Talk English and their special English course.

How to prepare a motivation interview in English

The position you are applying for requires a good level of English. The interview will be conducted either entirely in English or the recruiter will choose at some point to continue with the questions in English. You will at that time show that you have mastered a minimum level of vocabulary and lexical field relating to the function, the company and the industry thereof. Learn to Talk English allows you to effectively prepare for your next job interview.

Prior to the interview, Learn to Talk English will help and advise you to put the odds on your side: CV, career, skills, qualities and defects, industry business, each point is worked through in English. Catherine, a British-born professor, allows you to acquire the necessary vocabulary and oral fluency enough to be comfortable during the oral exchange in English.

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