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English is a living language which has become essential. At school, college, high school and even in university, English is a language that requires confidence: indeed, it is essential to practice and participate in order to observe real progress.

Learn English with a particular native teacher

The student may need customised monitoring outside the school curriculum and its establishment to improve their English, expression, oral comprehension and writing skills. Learn to Talk English offers individualised tutoring with a tutor of British origin. Courses, games, grammar, exercises, Learn to Talk English teaches English through a variety of different tools and comprehensive media and thus improves their level of English and discover the Anglo-Saxon culture.
Learn to Talk English training is based on total immersion: the entire course is in English. 60 minutes of tutoring during which time the student must speak only in English with a native teacher.

Personalized academic support

Learn to Talk English help all students, college, high school or students who have difficulty in English, oral and / or written. Personalized assistance is a program tailor-made to fit the student's level and profile, allowing them to progress in English: little by little, the student sees his English average marks increase. What satisfaction there is to gain through autonomy and insurance? Participation in oral exercises becomes easier.
Whatever the desired topic, the teacher adapts and offers a course in line with the needs of the students: learning to communicate in English in the next frame in abroad, prepare a review of year-end, pass a competition such as TOEIC or TOEFL, or prepare for a job interview.

English lessons at home

English classes at home for the days and times of your choice. Learn to Talk English is a private teacher for whom English is the mother tongue. Adult, child, student, this solution of special English lesson is available to all ages, regardless of the level of English. Individual or small group, an English course unfolds like a fun workshop and you can learn and/or improve in English.

Tutoring at home in Narbonne, Aude and surrounding area. Contact us to find out if the particular English teacher can help you.

Online tutoring

Become bilingual without moving, this is possible thanks to Learn to Talk English, tutoring for children and adults on line with a British professor. With Learn to Talk English you can practice English with a real native teacher whose focus is original. English classes are conducted by videoconference via Skype: The teacher leads the students to understand instructions in English and express themselves in structured English.

Revisions and remedial education in English individual or group

Learn to Talk English offers tutoring in English in two forms: the English tutoring of an individual or group tutoring. For a refresher course in English before an important exam or preparing for a job interview, contact Learn to Talk English.
You need intensive English courses? No worries, Learn to Talk English have accelerated training programs customised to help you achieve all your projects.

Use Skype to learn English

A fun and effective way to learn and perfect your English level: the teacher and the student connects by Skype on the date and time of courses that have been agreed and the English course can begin. In a few clicks, the student and the teacher meet online and start a course of academic English support videoconferencing.
Skype helps overcome the geographical difficulties: students, wherever they may be can follow their English classes live during their holiday, or simply from home in the comfort of his own environment. The usability of this course format is optimal and interactive. The English sessions provide a dynamic and lively exchange between the student and the teacher. In this way, students develop even more abilities and faculties of comprehension and oral expression for maximum retention.

Tutoring: the first 60 minutes free

Learn to Talk English offers the first 60 minutes of class. This particular English lesson is not binding and allows the student and teacher to get to know each other.

learn to talk english

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